About Cassandra Martineau

I am an out and proud trans woman who initiated the purchase and and annual raising of the Pride Flag in Willimantic, and has spoken to tens of thousands of people, in settings large and small, about the LGBTQ experience, sharing facts and creating empathy. I am an executive officer of the Windham/Willimantic NAACP and was a state leader for the Woman's March on Washington. I have also volunteered on environmental projects, including invasive plant clearing and trail maintenance.

I am the former Chair and current Vice Chair of the Windham Green Town Committee, a political entity committed to electing Greens to public office; as a result of WGTC's efforts, the town of Windham has the highest number of elected Greens of any municipality in the US. I also serve as Co-Chair of the Green Party of Connecticut. In 2021, I was elected to the Willimantic Taxing District Board of Directors, having previously served on Windham's Zoning Board of Appeals. Worked on getting a Civilian Review Board in Willimantic.

A recent interview on Thinking Green, the New London Green Party's public access TV show: